11 Activities That will Cause Your Blogger Blog to be Deleted

Every second, millions of blogs add a very vast inventory of knowledge to the worldwide web. All these blogs run on one platform i.e, Blogger. Blogger is owned by Google which is a free platform designed for self-expression, communication, and freedom of speech for the people. This makes Blogger the most popular blogging platform in the whole world. But giving the freedom of speech, Google Blogger also has to keep its reputation, quality, and safety in the eyes of its users. It has given its quality guidelines and whenever a blogger violates Google’s quality guidelines, then Google will take any type of action he wants, against the blogger and his blog to protect its users. A common thing done by Google is simply deleting the blog. Many people asked me why their blogs get deleted even when they haven’t done anything wrong. I always answer them with one thing i.e, “There must be something that you have done, and it had forced Google to do this” Also one of my readers asked to post any possible reasons. So in this post, we will discuss all the things that are against Google’s policies and what you should do to avoid them to stay safe.

11 Things to Avoid in Blogger Blogs

1. Violence

Promoting or spreading any kind of violence on your blog is not allowed by Google because it would not be suitable for people especially kids who can be easily affected. Also, it is not allowed by Google to spread or promote any kind of violence against a specific group because it comes under racism, and also because Google is used all over the world and it could affect Google’s traffic as it might get banned by some groups if it promotes racism.

2. Gore/Death

Google doesn’t allow anyone to put up images, videos or any type of other content that contain gore/death because that can be very disturbing to a lot of people. For example, you are not allowed to show a horrific accident resulting in death, or someone getting viciously killed by a gun.

3. Copyrighted Material

Would you like it if someone copies your content and hard work and then gets away with it? No, you won’t and no one ever does! That’s why to keep its users, Google has developed a very effective system of controlling this problem as much as it can. Google lowers the rank of copyright violating and suspends their Google Adsense for that blog. And if you still keep copying, your blog will be deleted. Be aware!

4. Hate Speech

Legally being a crime, hate speech is not tolerated at all by Google. Even though it is very common on the internet, Hate speech or racism against any religion or a certain group is also not appreciated Google and never will be. Even being very common on the internet, Hate speech is not appreciated by Google at all and it never will be. And promoting hate against a certain group is also legally a crime, so, therefore, is also not also tolerated by Google.

5. Adult content

Google always wants to keep its family safe, especially for children. Google has also never allowed anyone to make money off any adult content. Also, Google has set up some very strict laws against adult content and if bloggers who promote adult content don’t mark their blogs as ‘adult’ from Blogger Settings, you really run the risk of getting it deleted.

6. Impersonation

Pretending to be someone else or literally stealing someone’s identity is not only a cybercrime but also a real crime punishable by a fine or by imprisonment. Which is why it is also not tolerated by Google.

7. Illegal Activities

Blogging about any dangerous or illegal activity. Blogger never allows this kind of content on its blogs. And if you are involved in a serious illegal case, then not only your blog and account will be deleted but you may really get yourself reported to the authorities by Google.

8. Malware

No one would like it if their new computer gets infected with viruses and becomes slow. It is something that no one will appreciate. That is why Google has always forever planed to keep its systems malware-free. Google has strictly forbidden any type of malware on Blogger. So if you are spreading malware or impact your readers with any type of malicious code, then you run the risk of getting banned by Blogger.

9. Child Safety

Google has already said that it has ‘zero tolerance’ when it actually comes to producing content that harms children. It is strictly forbidden to produce content like child pornography and pedophilia which might manipulate little children and Google will immediately terminate the account of the person who is promoting such stuff.

10. Spam

Spam is a thing that isn’t appreciated by any search engine. Google is always trying to weed out spam from its roots! That’s why it spends a lot of money to roll out new algorithmic updates almost regularly and will delete the blog which spams.

11. Violating Privacy

Now one will like it if you will post their confidential details online without their express permission. Google also has a strict policy against publishing other people’s private information like phone numbers, private information and other contact information and you must avoid these in Blogger blogs.


Always try to avoid these types of activities and try to stay safe. And also remember! Whenever in doubt, always ask for help. We’re always here to help 🙂


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