Difference Between Google AuthorRank and Google PageRank?

In our recent post about Google AuthorRank, we talked about how Google is working out on a new author ranking system to rank authors online and weed spam out. This new system will also help in ranking online content more effectively. Since then, some of our readers have started asking us almost the same question. “What’s the difference between PageRank and AuthorRank, and is AR important?”. Well, before we go on explaining is it important, we first need to take a look at what AuthorRank is, and how it is different from PageRank.

Google AuthorRank Series
Part2: Difference Between Google AuthorRank and Google PageRank?

What is Google AuthorRank?

As mentioned in the recent post of this series. AuthorRank is another way of telling Google about the quality of content. By ranking the authors of the web pages Google can differentiate between good and bad authors thus An author’s ranking will effectively influence the content’s performance in Google search results. According to Google’s AuthorRank patent:

The identity of individual agents responsible for content can be used to influence search ratings

How does AuthorRank differ from PageRank?

AuthorRank and PageRank are quite similar to each other as far as informing search engines about the quality of content are concerned. But that’s about it. PageRank is a way of ranking pages that hold certain content. And AuthorRank is a way of ranking authors who create that content. That’s the major difference between AuthorRank and PageRank.

AuthorRank is not only the relationship between the author and the content but also between the author and the content container or in simple words the website/blog. So AR can affect more than one domain if they are under one author.

AuthorRank has some level of topic dependency as well. While PR ranks content found on one domain, no matter the topic, AR ranks content by topic as well. So a writer will have a better rank in literature, and a scientist will have a better rank in science.

Unlike PageRank, AuthorRank is lesser likely to be abused. PR can be boosted by buying high-quality links or guest posting excessively etc. But AuthorRank will associate a digital signature with content. So an author’s credibility will instantly become clear.

Is AuthorRank Important?

About AR? Is AR important? Absolutely! AR depends on factors such as social activity and engagement, on-site engagement, sharing, comments, high-profile links, etc. Hence, it has more to do with how content performs socially. A good AR will point towards a social and trustworthy content creator, and that’s one of the most important thing readers and especially Google looks for in content.

The inter-connection between AR and PR will ensure more social engagement and build-up of a site’s trust. So start working on both from today! We will cover tips for achieving a good AR in our next installment in this series, so stay tuned!

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