Google Image Search Now displays Image MetaData!

Google is considered as having the best technology when it comes to image searching. The expertise of Google in this area can be measured from the fact that Google can actually search for the text within the images in your Google Drive. But here, we are only talking about the mainstream users of Google, who prefer Google Image Search over the other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. The actual secret behind this is that Google performs some of the most accurate image searches on the web! Now, according to the latest news, Google is now releasing a new improved structure for its image search, improving the performance, speed and making the image MetaData now visible to its searchers!

What’s New with this Image Search?

Google has now actually redesigned the whole interface for its image search to bring a better experience to its users and improve the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for images overall. This new design includes a repositioning of the images into an inline panel, which is fast, easily accessible and attractive all at the same time! You can now use your keyboard to flip through the images.

Another big change (significant for webmasters, we’ll shortly discuss) is that the Metadata of the images is displayed right next to it in search results after clicking on it. Now, this will really help the users a lot as they now won’t need to open up a new tab to see information about the image.

Another big improvement in the new design is the removal of the source page from the background of an image. This really wasn’t necessary, so Google had to remove it. Now not only the images load faster, but it also reduces the load on the host server of Google Image Search, hence preventing bandwidth issues which is the reason behind Google closing services.

How Does This Affect Webmasters?

With these new changes being introduced, one thing is for sure: Google will try to incline users more and more towards its image-searching. If you have been following news from the industry lately then you might have heard Google already saying that these new changes have increased the overall CTR for images. So, now the question is that how does this really affect webmasters?

First of all, they will now need to optimize their images which were and still is considered a good SEO practice and now after this new introduction, Tagging images have become much more important because the ALT and title tag are now also responsible for driving traffic towards your blog. So if your images are not properly tagged, they will not appear in the proper places in Google search results. Read this post on tagging images to learn more about driving traffic.

Now you will have to create valuable metadata for your images. This will surely help your images to get a high rank in search results, as well as ensure a good click-through rate for your images, hence your blog a lot more traffic than before if you have implemented these optimizations wisely.

Note: This service has just been introduced and it will take a few more days to be implemented fully on all images. So if you don’t see any changes, just give it a couple days or so. And stay tuned for more updates. Peace 🙂

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