Google PageRank Update 4th February 2013

The color of the Green Google Toolbar has once again changed. PageRank which is indeed a great link analysis algorithm has been refreshed and updated and websites and blogs are now being ranked again on the scale of 0-10 based on the quality of their backlinks. This latest Google PageRank update took place today i.e. 4th February 2013 as expected. Google rolls out a PR update on quarterly basis as mentioned before. The last update was in November 2012 and just after three months, a new update has been now rolled out. This is the first PR update of 2013.

What is PageRank?

It dates way back to 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey brin first brought their paper formula to the public. From here Google took the idea of ranking pages. PageRank is the backbone of Google and it’s one of the major functionality that differentiates Google from other major giants like Yahoo! and Bing. It is a really effective Page Popularity algorithm that keeps track of all incoming and outgoing links to and from a page. Whenever Google Spiders (search robots) crawl your pages, they count the number of incoming and outgoing links. Based only and only on the quality and not the number of links, the PR algorithm scales sites between values starting from 0 to 10.

SEO Importance of PageRank

Websites and blogs that are recommended to Google via backlinks rank higher in the PR scale and get the benefit of faster crawl and index rate. Sites with higher PR are crawled faster by spiders compared to those with lower PR. For instance, a PR 6 page is crawled several times per minute as compared to a PR 4 one.

Should you Rely too Much on PageRank?

I have always advised new bloggers and even my co-bloggers to rely only on their post frequency and quality of their topic selection of the posts. Its readership what counts first, then rankings come second. If you want your pages to hit high on Google’s first page, then you must focus a lot on only trending topics. I advise you to always think and act as a journalist and never share out-dated news.
Always be unique in your own style and keep sharing content that may offer something new and different. There is no need of wasting time writing posts on out-dated news that everyone knows.

We have always aimed to share something that is unique and working for us. As people are always in search of working secrets, we also have a priority list which I have made below:
  1. Readership First          (Posting quality content)
  2. Traffic Second             (Posting quality content frequently)
  3. ALEXA Third             (Good Traffic & again Posting quality content frequently)
  4. PageRank Fourth         (Write less but write best)
Revenue, trust, and respect in the eyes of the online community rely mostly on your readership. You all know that no one can judge how much traffic your website receives per day. But if we really have to compare ALEXA and PR, then my vote will always favor ALEXA.

In short, I would say always do try your best to get a good PageRank only for the purpose of achieving a good crawl and index rate. Also never ever become a victim of the false belief i.e. “High PR Means High Traffic and Revenue!”

Next update?

To know when the next Google PR Update(s) will take place. Be sure to check out our old schedule:

What’s your PR Status?

This is quite a late post for this news as the one had been accidentally deleted. Anyways don’t forget to tell us your PageRank status? Feel free to ask for any suggestions if they’re needed. If your PR dropped then don’t lose hope and keep working on your unique content and you will surely get it :>. If in case your PR increased then you should utilize it extra carefully and avoid all the bad practices.  I wish all of you the best. Wish you more power buddies. Peace and blessings always! 🙂

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