Google PageRank Update Schedule 2013

The incoming links towards a website or blog determine its success in the SERPS and increase its trust in the eyes of Google.  Each website is ranked on the basis of quality incoming links and this Rank is known as PageRank. This is a very old algorithm and I don’t think I need to explain it as you all would be familiar with it. I guess you all know the benefits of a higher Google Page Rank in the Promotion of any website.

This is the reason behind webmasters always keeping one eye on Google PageRank update. Google doesn’t do it on a regular basis. Neither there is a fixed time for this. There is no one who can tell exactly when the next Google PageRank update will take place. Google keeps few things hidden and you never get the idea behind why Google does this

As expected, in November 2012 Google PageRank update took place. Keeping this in mind that, PageRank updates took place on May 2012 then August 2012 and then November 2012 so I have came to the conclusion that Google is rolling out these updates. So now according to my calculation, I have developed a list for the PageRank Update schedule for 2013.

Google PageRank update schedule for 2013,

First PR Update January 31 – February 1st Week
Second PR Update June 28 – July 1st Week
Third PR Update September 28 – October 1st Week or Earlier
Fourth PR Update December 15 – January 1st Week or Later

These are just roughly calculated by me. The PageRank Updates might take place between these dates or earlier or later. We can’t say anything right now because Google never does things on time!

Why your Pagerank is not increasing?

Everyone knows that PR depends on getting thousands of Backlinks from a site that has the same niche as your website or blog. Every Single backlink matters. It is better to build high-quality backlinks from one site rather than low-quality backlinks from different sites. I will write a post on this so stay tuned. You can also submit your website to Free article directory submission site and Free classified websites which bring you a lot of visitors and backlinks from that site. I will also write a post on this. If you wish to be emailed when the next post is published then kindly subscribe to our free daily email updates.
The first update isn’t far ahead, so start Building links.  Cheers 🙂

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