How to Backup your Blogger Blog?

Your Blogger blog is not actually owned by you. If you blog on the Blogger platform, you may not realize that Google owns your blog. It is true. All your blog posts, pages, comments, and images are stored at Google servers. You would be thinking “Yeah it’s good now I don’t have to worry. Google is a huge company and it’s not going anywhere” Well if yes, then your wrong. If Chinese hackers can hack the most secure systems of the Pentagon, then Google servers are nothing. They have even been compromised once by the Turkish. Also only if you violated Google’s TOS, your blog will be deleted. So it is a good habit to backup your Blog at least twice a week no matter what platform you use.

Backup Your Blogger Blog

Backing up a Blogger blog is extremely easy. There are two parts. One is backing up your content, and the other is backing up your template. So let’s start,

Backup The Content

This includes all your posts, pages, and comments.

  1. Go to Blogger > Settings > Other
  2. At the very top of the page, you will find Blog Tools.
  3. Click on Export Blog.
  4. Save the file. Now you have all your content i.e, posts, pages, comments, etc in one file.
Backup The Template

You would have a template that you have carefully made for your blog and won’t want to lose it, then hurry up and back it up,

  1. Go to Blogger > Template
  2. On the upper right corner of the page, click on the button that says “Backup/Restore”
  3. Click on Download full template and save the file.

No one would like to lose his blog. It’s a good habit to daily backup your blog if you daily update it. Otherwise, you should do it twice or thrice a week. Also, keep copies of your backups elsewhere besides your computer also. In the cloud-like DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive or on USB drives or other external drives. It’s Better safe than sorry. I will also write on how to back up a WordPress blog. Till then stay tuned. Cheers.


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