Integrate AdSense In Google Custom Search Engine

In our previous posts, we discussed in detail the importance of Google custom search engine regarding your blog’s page views and deep indexing in Google. We also learned to connect two pages and use the search engine professionally. Now it’s the time to further increase your Google Adsense revenue and start monetizing from your search engine. After enabling Adsense Ads in your search engine, when a reader will search for a query, this search engine will display ads above the search results.

When the ads are viewed or clicked by any of the users, it will increase your PPC (Pay Per Click) rate and Page Impressions thus increasing your earnings. So now without wasting even a single minute, let’s associate your Google Custom Search Engine with your AdSense account.

How to Display Ads in Google Custom Search Engine?

Just follow the simple steps below,

  1. First, go to the Google CSE Homepage
  2. Click the name of your search engine. In my case, it is My Blogging Tricks as shown below,

3. Then click the Make money tab at the top,

4. On the next page that appears, click the button where it says “I have an AdSense account” and then just fill out the form with your Email, Zip or Postal code and the last 5 digits of the phone number that you submitted while creating an account with Adsense.

5. Hit the submit button and you’re done!
6. Finally, log into your Adsense Account and click the link that may appear at the top of your dashboard asking for permission to allow the Custom Search Engine to access your Ads. Click it and enjoy new earnings. Cheers.


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