Note: We Have Moved Updates To Google+ Fan Page and Made a New Community


Whenever it comes to promoting something, no one can simply ignore social media. For businesses, websites and blogs, social media accounts and pages play a very important role in bringing sponsors and traffic. But as all that, it isn’t easy socializing with people. It really requires a lot of effort and a lot of man-hours and you have to put all that together and need to maintain a presence on Social Media. And nowadays, this has become even harder because of the so many platforms that have developed. We weren’t being able to communicate with you properly through my profile which was used to post all the updates and posts but we have finally made two new, separate places. A Fan Page on Google+ and a Community on Google+ to keep all of you guys updated with each and every post and discuss with you all your problems.

For many reasons and popular demand, we have now created a Google+ page. Now all of you can easily get all the updates straight on your homepage!

Click the button below and start receiving all our Delicious Updates.

Note: We have now turned off serving the updates on my profile and all the posts also will be shared via the page.

Also, not only a Fan Page but we have also created a new Google+ Community where you can freely discuss all blogging tips, web designing, web hosting, bugs and errors, money-making tricks, SEO, SMO, copyright violation, Google Adsense and more. And you can do all this once you have become a member of our Google+ Community. It is very easy and hardly takes 30 seconds. You can do it with the click of a button. To become a member, click the button below,

Why did we choose Google+ and Why Should You Too?

It is the latest social network because it has only been around for a few months. It won’t be wrong to say that the birth of Google+ has started a new social era and increased the competition as being only a few months old, it has introduced many powerful features. Also, it has forced and inspired a lot of other social networks to implement changes. For instance, Facebook had no list option nor the Timeline before this and again when Google+ has made changes, Facebook again changed its timeline a lot.

Secondly, Google Plus helps people to easily connect with each other. It has simple, powerful features such as circles, etc. and has a very efficient and powerful privacy module also. Google+ also proves to be useful while promotion businesses.

Important – Please Read!

We will publish all our blog related updates on our Google+ Fan Page. I have created the community to better help you guys with your problems and to get rid of the reader-author communication gap and I hope that all of you will help me in this. But it doesn’t mean that we will leave other social media platforms. We will be active there as well.

And just one more thing. My public Google Plus profile will now be used for personal sharings and only important details. So I request you that if you just want blog-related updates, then it would be better to follow the page rather than following my profile.

We will always try to socialize better, so connect with us! Hope to see you there. Cheers 🙂

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