Top 10 Easy Ways to Make money online for Students

As a student, your options for working can be pretty slim. If you can’t find a job, then you have to fight for one. For a cash-strapped and busy student, that means finding money, putting in applications, and waiting for the interview. If you do get the job, you have to fit into your school schedule, which any student will tell you is a job in itself. Just like everyone else, though, students need cash. Where’s a student with limited time and even limited financial means going to find the cash they need?

The answer might be right under your nose or rather under your fingertips. Most students use their computer for social media and research, but few understand the power of the computer as a potential source of income. Technology has opened up several legitimate job options that students can profit from with relatively little or no work experience. As an added plus, these jobs are designed to fit your schedule; not the other way around. These jobs are also easy to apply to. In fact, some jobs can be started within the next 5 minutes. All you have to do is know where to find them.

10 Easy Ways to Make money online for Students

To give you a head start, here are some of the easiest online jobs that are available right now:

Survey Taker

Whether you are taking or creating one, just about every student is familiar with surveys. Why not get paid for your participation? To be sure, there are plenty of scam options (as there with any online job), but there are legitimate options out there. Completing surveys won’t make you rich, but it can put a little more coin in your wallet or purse. Skip the urge to hop on Google and search for “survey jobs”. Instead, look for websites and bloggers who do reviews of survey and work-at-home opportunities. Avoid those surveys that require a fee or require detailed personal information within the survey.

Some Real Survey Taking Websites

Freelance Writer

There are literally thousands of companies that need content for their websites. The Internet is 24/7 and content needs are ever-increasing, so there is a constant need for people to provide content of all types. Writers (especially those who know a little SEO) should have no problem finding willing clients for their work. Before you get started with providing content, honestly assess your writing skills. Look over your assignments in the past years and identify what you are passionate about. If you determine you might be a decent writer, write a couple of samples or choose a sample of your previous writing for a writing portfolio. You will need these files for your application. There is content on just about every subject, so try the below links and you don’t find one that matches, check around on the Internet.

Links to freelance writing jobs

User Tester

Companies need beta testers (people who test the software before it is released) and user testers (people who serve as the consumer’s voice) to provide opinions and test their software out. This isn’t steady work, but it can provide a few bucks here and there along with some practice if you are a Computer Science or IT major. The more skills you have on the computer obviously the more tests you will be able to. If you have an iPhone, app testing is another option you might want to consider.

Companies that hire user tests

Work at Home Customer Service Agent

Have customer service skills, but don’t have time or patience to work in a call center? Bring the job to you. To save expenses, many customer service companies are allowing employees to work remotely. All you need is a dedicated phone line, wired Internet connection and a couple of hours

Links to companies that hire work at home customer service representatives

Work at Home Virtual Assistant

Individuals and companies often need assistance to manage their administrative duties either for a specific project or on a regular basis. A cost-effective way for them to do this is through contracting virtual assistants. If you have administrative experience (either paid or volunteer), access to Microsoft Office tools, and an incredible gift of organization, this might be a good option. Document your successes and achievements to make a competitive portfolio.

Companies that list virtual assistant job postings or hire virtual assistants

 Social Media Assistant/Coordinator/

Just about every business is either on social media or thinking about going on social media. Many business owners don’t have the time or expertise to use social media, so they often outsource some or all of their duties associated with it. If you have skill managing social media accounts and developing a presence on social media, serving as a social media assistant or account manager is definitely a career option to consider.

You have to demonstrate your skills in order to get the job. Use your own social media statistics as proof or you can detail the work you have done for others. Social media analytics is a key component in the hiring process. Have you helped promote a message for business or for a non-profit? Detail the results. Do you have a large social media following? Detail what you did to get that following.

Links to places that list social media assistant jobs

Graphic Designer

Just as there are thousands of companies out there that need content, there are equally the same number who need graphical content for their websites including logos, banners ads, etc. If you have the skill and the software, then this can be a great opportunity to display your artistic talents and get some money.

Develop a portfolio of items showcasing your creativity in a lot of different ways! If you are working for this first time, use material from earlier projects or develop on spec (meaning develop a sample on your own).

Links to job postings for freelance/Designers

If you are a skilled photographer, you have the opportunity to earn some residual income by providing stock photos at companies like Shutterstock, Smugmug, or Shootproof. You might even consider opening up your own studio on Etsy if you have a large collection of photos


Where there is education, there will be students. Where there are students, there will be a need for tutors of all types. If you have the time and academic experience, there a couple tutoring jobs out there. Most companies, but not all, require a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree for consideration.

Avoid the ads you see for online tutoring jobs at incredibly high amounts and steer toward those established tutoring companies like and and online programs established by state education boards. If you don’t have experience as a tutor yet, you are not out of luck. You can create and sell your own tutorials through Tutorial Tub. You can also answer homework questions at Students of Fortune or

Companies that hire online tutors without any Degree

Companies that hire online tutors with a minimum Degree


One of the top skills (both online and offline) is the ability to communicate in more than one language. A person with a bilingual experience has many options to choose from. For example, they can go into customer service, tutoring, translation (either written or oral), or sales depending on their interest and time availability. The jobs mentioned below focus on translation jobs, although the potential opportunity for bilingual jobs exists in almost every category on this list. But surely prepare to take an online test before getting started.

Links to companies that hire online translators

Links to companies that list translator jobs

Website Designer

Last, but not least is the website designer, because how else would a company promote its services and product online? If you are skilled in HTML and can make web pages in your sleep, this is definitely an avenue for you to get some extra money. And also document your successes and achievements to make a competitive portfolio.

Companies that list web designer job postings

Students looking for online jobs aren’t limited to just surveys and freelance writing. There are plenty of opportunities for students to use and build their work experience online while earning money that they can spend offline. Particularly those who have experience in social media, business, or art can develop an income stream that could offer more opportunities in the future.


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