Underscores v.s dashes in URLs | Which is Better?

I really like the way Matt Cutts (head of Google Webspam team) discusses all the SEO Tips that apply to Google and removes each and every misconception and myth that is being wrongly propagated by both the online and offline SEO agencies. I am really proud to say it out loud that Google surely has great customer service. You and I all write titles while writing any post. You should know that these titles are 88% responsible for driving the traffic towards your blog from the search engines.

Many bloggers don’t actually realize that every character in the post title has its own significance and plays a good role in attracting a decent bunch of traffic if chosen wisely. Titles are surely known as the king in SEO terminology no doubt but only if it is highly optimized in terms of its keyword choice, word count limit and use of Special Characters that is our today’s topic.

What is an Optimized Title?

A title can only be known as an optimized title only if it has the features stated below,
  • The title should only contain 66 characters. For that use: MBT Character Count Tool
  • The title should contain simple daily used words. You don’t need to use complex Vocabulary and no need to consult a Thesaurus for writing titles. Average internet users always go for words that sound familiar in the search results page.
  • Select choice of words from Google Keyword Tool. Ignore the word Tracker
  • You can use the following symbols frequently:     –  :   !?
  • Use the following symbols rarely:  . &  %  # |
  • Never use the long Dash or Underscore i.e.  _
  • To write a perfect post title, read this tutorial: How To Write Search Engine Friendly Blog Post Titles?

What Does Google Say About This?

Matt Cutts, the head of  Google Webspam team and webmaster help suggests that Underscores should always be avoided because the Underscores are normally used by programmers while they are writing algorithms and it often confuses the search robots. He suggested that dashes are much better to act as separators.

What do you think about this? Feel free to post a comment 🙂

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